Cardiac Ultrasound

An echocardiogram or ultrasound of the heart is a useful tool to evaluate the structure and function of the heart and associated vessels. It is a quick, easy and painless evaluation that uses ultrasound waves to produce images of the heart.  The exam is performed by a specially trained cardiac sonographer, and is interpreted by a highly trained cardiologist.  Heart Ultrasounds provide your doctor with moving pictures of your heart that allows your doctor to evaluate your heart’s health. This ultrasound uses the same technology that allows doctors to see an unborn baby inside a pregnant mother.

There are many reasons that your physician may request that you have an echocardiogram.  

Physicians use it to evaluate your heart’s performance as well as the structures of the heart, including the heart chambers and valves. An echo may also be used to look for the cause of a murmur, to check the size of the heart chambers, to check for fluid around the heart, or to inspect the pumping capability (the muscles) of the heart if a patient has shortness of breath or has complained of certain symptoms during exertion.

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